A Brief History of the Ford Model A

Ford Model A pic
 Ford Model A pic
Ford Model A
Image: amhistory.si.edu

Drawing on eight years of experience as a Georgia state senator, Preston Smith serves as president of the executive search firm Tyler & Company. Outside of the professional arena, Preston Smith is an avid automobile enthusiast whose favorite antique vehicle is a 1931 Ford Model A, which the senator’s grandfather purchased the same year it was manufactured.

A four-cylinder automobile that produced 40 horsepower, the 1931 Ford Model A built upon three years of successful production. When the Model A debuted on December 2, 1927, the public stormed Ford showrooms to see the company’s replacement for the iconic but less mechanically sound Model T. In under two weeks’ time, the Ford Company proceeded to receive 400,000 orders for the attractive and smooth-running Model A.

Despite the economic hardships of the Great Depression, Ford built 1,261,053 Model A’s in 1930. After production fell to 626,579 units in 1931, Ford implemented plans to replace the Model A with 1932’s Model B and Model 18.