The Model A – One of Ford’s Early Bestsellers

Ford pic


Ford pic

After serving as a Georgia state senator for four terms, Preston Smith entered the private sector and launched a career as an executive focused on healthcare. He currently serves as president of Tyler & Company, a recruitment firm that connects organizations in healthcare, academia, and life sciences with top leaders. In addition to his activities at the Atlanta-based firm, former senator Preston Smith enjoys hiking, writing, and driving classic cars, especially his family’s 1931 Ford Model A.

Introduced to the public in 1927, the Model A replaced Ford’s Model T, which saw a significant drop in sales during the mid-1920s due to the public’s demand for modern upgrades. With its new three-speed transmission, hydraulic shocks, dash gauges, and sporty design, the Model A more than met the public’s expectations, and orders for the car exceeded Ford’s supply.

Less than two weeks after the car debuted in December 1927, Ford had received more than 400,000 orders for the Model A. To meet the demand, the company significantly ramped up production until peaking at around 9,200 cars a day in the summer of 1930. Sales remained strong until 1931, when the effects of the Depression led Ford to discontinue production of the Model A.

Today, Ford’s Model A remains a very popular car among automobile enthusiasts. Restored versions highlight the various body styles it was available in, including the standard and sport coupe, touring sedan, and town car. During the four years it was produced, the Model A was also offered in various truck body styles. These included an open-cab pickup, a closed-cab pickup, and the “AA” panel delivery version.