An Overview of the Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

Australian Shepherd Dog pic


Australian Shepherd Dog pic
Australian Shepherd Dog

Senator Preston Smith spent nearly a decade with the Georgia General Assembly. Now president of Tyler & Company, a division of Jackson Healthcare, Senator Preston Smith enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and his Labrador retriever, German shorthaired pointer, and Australian shepherd.

Despite the name, the Australian shepherd can trace its origins back to the American gold rush nearly 200 years ago. On the frontier, these dogs were intelligent and eager to please, traits that should be harnessed by present-day dog owners.

Australian shepherds can generally be described as friendly dogs that become intensely loyal to their family. However, they can be cautious around strangers, and due to their history of herding livestock, they may demonstrate dominant tendencies toward owners who do not have dog training experience. To manage both of these inclinations, Australian shepherds require considerable amounts of exercise and continuous stimulation, not to mention obedience training from an early age.