Three Films Which Feature the 1931 Ford Model A

City Heat pic


City Heat pic
City Heat

The recipient of a juris doctor from the University of Georgia School of Law, Preston Smith served four consecutive terms as a senator in the Georgia General Assembly from 2003 to 2011. Since finishing his last term as senator, Preston Smith has held executive roles in the private sector with ApolloMD and Tyler & Company. In his free time, he enjoys driving classic cars, especially his family’s 1931 Ford Model A, which was purchased by his grandfather about 85 years ago.

The Internet Movie Cars Database keeps a detailed list of every vehicle to appear in films. The Ford Model A is one the movie industry’s most popular vehicles, with appearances in hundreds of films spanning decades. Here are just a few examples.

1. City Heat – The Model A, among other era-specific vehicles, is featured in this 1984 film set in Kansas City during the 1930s. The movie stars Burt Reynolds as a private investigator who teams up with his ex-partner, played by Clint Eastwood, to put an end to the city’s incipient mob war.

2. Winter People – Kurt Russell stars in this 1989 film as a widower who moves to a mountain town in North Carolina in 1934. Russell’s character, Wayland Jackson, drives a Ford Model A.

3. Paper Moon – Released in 1973, Paper Moon takes place during the Great Depression and details a con man’s relationship with a young girl believed to be his daughter. The main character, played by Ryan O’Neal, drives a Ford Model A throughout much of the film.