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With diverse leadership experience as a Georgia state senator and a private-sector executive, Preston Smith maintains responsibilities as president of the executive search firm Tyler & Company, which serves academic institutions and organizations in the healthcare and life sciences industries. In addition to his accomplishments as a senior administrator and senator, Preston Smith is a published writer who regularly contributes the “Parting Shot” column to Vinings Lifestyle Magazine.

A monthly publication produced for the residents of the Atlanta suburbs of Vinings and Smyrna, Vinings Lifestyle Magazine seeks to help these communities flourish by publishing local news and showcasing special events. Available in print as well as online, Vinings Lifestyle maintains a substantial direct-mail subscription base in the Northern Atlanta area.

Each month, Vinings Lifestyle supports regular features, such as a targeted business spotlight and a “Home of the Month” column. The magazine also publishes articles that detail the history and notable people of the Smyrna and Vinings area.

In its most recent issue, in January of 2017, Vinings Lifestyle recognized the area’s best doctors, shared tips from a local health-coaching consultant about making smart purchases, and printed a variety of other articles of interest to area residents. To learn more about the publication, as well as to read articles from its current and past issues, please visit